The Situation Today
Very few nations today are exempt from terrorism threats, attacks by hostile neighbouring states, acts of smuggling or illegal immigration attempts originating from their air, sea and land borders. These security challenges are a clear and present danger for countries that have been dealing with such occurrences for many years as well as those that may find themselves suddenly facing new vulnerabilities.

The Challenge
To act swiftly and ensure optimal security at all times, security forces require comprehensive information about potential border breaches – in real time. Conventional security systems, however, can lack the technological refinements that enable security personnel to accurately assess a situation and respond accordingly. Smart fences, intrusion-tracking dirt roads, and radio-wave-based detection systems are unable to distinguish between a true threat and, for example, animal motion, resulting in false alarms.

Magna System is Multi Purpose Passive Electro-Optical Radar System, developed by Israeli company Magna B.S.P. Ltd.

Magna BSP, an Israeli company specialising in turnkey solutions for perimeter protection of borders and sensitive sites, created smart surveillance solutions with an image processing and machine learning, deep learning and other AI capabilities for border and strategic facility protection. MAGNA developed an electro-optic radar with 100% detection and with the lowest rate of false alarms in the world, by using a unique patented technology, based on creating a 3D image, similar to the human vision, and a sophisticated software NFAR (Negligible False Alarm Rate), similar to the human brain.

Magna’s surveillance systems utilise sophisticated electro-optic cameras to rapidly detect, locate, and send alerts regarding infiltrators and breaches.

The systems can be located far from the border or facility, camouflaged and protected, distinguishing between true threats and potential false alarms caused by animals, weather, or other environmental factors. The systems learn changes in the environment and correct their performance accordingly. The stereoscopic systems are similar to the human vision which provides depth perception, notifying about the size and distance of an object. They enable 3D image processing in less than a second, delivering 100% reliable target detection, recognition, identification, and tracking.


MAGNA system has two cameras (CCD or/and FLIR) that covers the third dimension and uses very sophisticated patented algorithm filters any disturbances and focus on the real target. The three-dimensional representation of the scenery provides accurate and reliable detection, with a high probability of detection (PD), while maintaining a low false alarm rate (FAR). Magna provides full Command and Control real time system for operators.

Due to the impressive results, the IDF officially approved MAGNA as Israel border protection system. During the 7 years of development, Israeli Defence Forces tested the system for more than 10,000 penetration attempts in a variety of operational scenarios, in combination with different geographical terrains and severe weather patterns (fog, sand storms, etc.) and proved successful in all of these conditions.

The Israeli Defence Forces currently has operating MAGNA systems on all Israeli borders and in maritime-land interfaces as well.

To learn more about the Magna System, please contacts us.

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