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What is Magna BSP Systems?

3D video surveillance solutions that set a new standard for reliability

Magna System


Magna System is Multi Purpose Passive Electro-Optical Radar System, developed by Israeli company Magna B.S.P. Ltd. MAGNA developed an electro-optic radar with 100% detection and with the lowest rate of false alarms in the world, by using a unique patented technology, based on creating a 3D image, similar to the human vision, and a sophisticated software NFAR (Negligible False Alarm Rate), similar to the human brain. MAGNA system has two cameras (CCD or/and FLIR) that covers the third dimension and uses very sophisticated patented algorithm filters any disturbances and focus on the real target. The three-dimensional representation of the scenery provides accurate and reliable detection, with a high probability of detection (PD), while maintaining a low false alarm rate (FAR). Magna provides ful Command and Control real time system for operators.

2 patents registered in Israel and 1 in USA.
FLIR – Forward Looking Infrared – thermal cameras, able to see by night and through fog, dust, rain, snow etc..
CCD – Charge Coupled Device – it means a day camera, sensitive to visible light.
Magna Systems was initially designed for perimeter protection, but become a multi-purpose device for detection.



Areas of use


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Borders Nuclear Reactors Critical Infrastructure Airports Seaports

Borders Security Problems

Country's borders are a sensitive issue that requires close monitoring in order to keep country safe and protect its own residents from terror attacks, illegal border crossing, drugs smuggling, illegal goods and more. There are always critical points or areas of border that cannot be exposed to any risk and should be protected at a maximum level in order to avoid any attempt of penetration.

Up till now, the technology for border protection (for short ranges – up to 2 km) was based on short range radars, electronic fences and VMD (Video Motion Detection) characterized with a high rate of false-alarms and limited detection, especially in difficult terrain such as dense vegetation, sand storms, etc. 

The problems start in areas that the operator gets dozens to hundreds of false-alarms due to animals, birds, trees movements, light and shade differences, severe weather conditions, etc. It's impossible to work with a system which creates a false-alarm every few minutes. Therefore, at some stage, the operator ignores the system or turns it off and the result can be unpredictable.


Magna Capabilities

The most effective strategy is to meet all treats to ensure the most effective border protection to appropriately respond to changing threats. Magna proposes an ideal and cost-effective solution based on innovative and advanced technology.

MAGNA system can cover up to 1.5 km with 100% detection rate and together with 1-2 false alarms in 24 hours (all these numbers backed up by official reports of the Israeli Defence Forces that tested more than 10,000 penetration attempts during a period time of 7 years). 

  • Extremely low False Alarm Rate (1 per 24h)
  • 100% Detection rate
  • Longest in the world detection range – up to 1 500 meters (depends on the environmental conditions)
  • Detection of human target up to 1 500 meters
  • Distinguish between people and animals
  • Filtration of dense vegetation movements
  • Reliable detection with video alert, audio alert and location
  • Special detection capabilities such as people gathering, stopped cars, left objects, smoke detection, etc.
  • Multiple targets with several detection domains on the same system
  • No system heat emission, impossible to detect
  • 24/7 Operational
  • Full automatic operation, no operator needed
  • Great performance in all weather conditions, including extreme hot and cold conditions from -40C° to +60C°
  • Automatic target alert by visual and audio signals
  • Custom and user defined filters
  • Low power requirements
  • Cancelling cameras' electronic noise by using 2 cameras
  • Cost effective in terms of power supply, installation and maintenance
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Easy integration with other systems (including military)
  • 56 000 hours (5 years) guarantee work


Magna applications

  • Border Security
  • Critical Sites Perimeter Security
  • Drones Detection
  • Missiles Detection
  • Foreign objects and debris Detection
  • Aircraft Collision Prevention
  • Car Following
  • Strategic Facilities (Airports, Power Stations)
  • Sensitive sites
  • Temporary security (Night camps, VIP aircraft)
  • Check & Control (Several App. Software


Magna unique Perimeter Security FUSION system used for perimeter protection in sensitive civilian sites as airports, seaports, nuclear power stations, critical infrastructure, oil & gas facilities, etc. Fusion system includes 2 cameras – 1 thermal camera and 1 day camera. Those cameras create a 3D vision that enables to estimate additional parameters such as distance, velocity, height from the ground and more. With a sophisticated software, which relies on those parameters, the Fusion system achieves full detection for long segment lines (up to 1000 meters) and at the same time reduces false-alarms (positive and negative) to an insignificant rate. Radars cannot completely seal the region, which can be protected successfully with Magna's technology. 

Magna Drones Detection

Magna system provides exellent civilian and military drones detection capabilities.

  • Easy operation - Plug Play
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Dual cameras - Stereoscopic view
  • Fixed camera - continues detection
  • Automatic detection in real-time
  • Instant parameters detection (distance, size, height, velocity)
  • Fixed or floating installation (tripod)
  • External devices automatic operation and control (Jamming, Tracking)
  • 100% Detection
  • Extremely low False Alarm Rate (1 per 24h)
  • Detection range : 5 to 500m
  • Detection height : 0 to 200m
  • Field of view : 18⁰ to 360⁰ (18⁰ step)
  • Detection range : 5 to 500m
  • Detection height : 0 to 200m
  • Field of view : 18⁰ to 360⁰ (18⁰ step)
  • 24/7/365 operation
  • Automatic detection and recognition (< 0.5 sec)
  • Unlimited target detection
  • Small Drone detection (20x20x20cm)
  • Birds movements filtere
  • Drone at less then 10m high
  • UAV at 750m
  • Surface masking (building
  • Low contrast detection (clouds)
  • Automatic Alarm (video, audio, parameters, SMS, dry contact
  • Low Power operation requirement


Magna systems real time operations

The extraordinary testing results (based on thousands of penetration attempts) show over 99% detection reliability while keeping a minimal false-alarm rate, up to a single false reading per 24 hours (including positive and negative targets).

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Due to the impressive results, the IDF officially approved MAGNA as Israel border protection system. During the 7 years of development, Israeli Defence Forces tested the system for more than 10,000 penetration attempts in a variety of operational scenarios, in combination with different geographical terrains and severe weather patterns (fog, sand storms, etc.) and proved successful in all of these conditions.

The Israeli Defence Forces currently has operating MAGNA systems on all Israeli borders and in maritime-land interfaces as well.


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